From the Roots Up: Family Education Through a Jewish, Environmental Lens

The slides for this webinar can been viewed here.

The webinar recording will be posted once it is rendered.


Some questions/ideas that emerged:

  • How can we used calendars (Lunar, Harvest, Flock Lifecycle) to teach people how they prepare food for their family celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Mother's day, etc)
  • Consider what Jewish values, brachot, ethics and Israel lessons you can tied to envrionmental education.
  • What values emerge when helping people think about the chain of events from an item's production (food, clothing, electronics) to their consumption/purchase of that item?
  • What does it mean to ignite Jewish passion?
  • How often can we use tie in traditional Jewish texts to Jewish Family Education?  How do we help families draw 'Jewish Living' values and guideline from them?
  • What does 'Living Judaism' mean in Jewish Family Education?
  • What is the difference between stewardship and guarding?  in environmental education?  In parenting?
  • How often do you use an "outdoor classroom" for teaching and/or for worship?  Does your organization have a defined "outdoor classroom"?
  • Is the feeling of 'accomplishment' a critical element for families in order for JFE to be successful?  Is it one element of success?
  • Is creating 'micro-communities' a goal of JFE?  Why or why not?

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