Centropa: Using 20th Century Stories to Explore 21st Century Family Identity

Today's webinar granted family educators a great set of resources to use in their family education programs.

We will be posting the slides and the video recording of the webinar in the coming days.

Here are the ideas/thoughts that were generated for me:

  • Do our own "random" photos (even selfies) demonstrate our Judaism?  In waht ways?
  • What parts of family stories aren't documented on film or in photos?  (i.e. death, shiva, etc)
  • How do we help families record/share their family history via photos and video?
  • With the ease people today take, share, delete, transfer, post photos - do photos still have the value int he same way to tell a story?  Moreso?  AND will our future generations be able to access these photos stored "in the cloud"?
  • What tools do you use to connect generations - past to the future?
  • How do we help young children make similarities from their lives to the lives  of the Jews that came before them?
  • How do recipes become a part of our family identities?  Our Jewish identities?  our family history?  our family future?
  • How can we use before/after Shoah photos to convey the need to pay attention to modern anti-Semitism?  anti-Zionism?
  • By looking at a photo .... can we guess (or try and project) what the future generations of that person will be like?  Jewishly?
  • How do we help interfaith families engage with family histories via photos?
  • How do fractured families deal with pre-fracture photos?  as part of a family history project, how do we help them deal with it?

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