Passover and the Modern Family

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Throughout all the changes that have occurred within Judaism, one thing remains constant. Passover is still a "pilgrimage holiday." Most families still conduct some type of Seder, whether is lasts for 30 minutes or goes on for hours; including Matzah and all the regular Passover foods, or a combination of other kosher and non-kosher foods. I believe that everyone does something.

I have also since learned that families do not need a refresher course, or an introductory course, on how to conduct a Seder. That doesn't mean we shouldn't at some point teach how the Haggadah was put together, the history of the Seder, etc. But for most of today's families, that's not needed. I have since tried something different which so far has been received very favorably. We have two Passover Parent classes that we offered on Sunday mornings before the holiday. I asked the families that if anyone had a special or unique 'family tradition' they performed during the Seder, to share it and I would put it together in a Haggadah format to be discussed in our class. What has come about is a collection of traditional and non-traditional commentaries, performances, and, yes, new traditions at different Seders. I started to post some of what I received to families just to let them know some of the ideas coming in, and it spurred even more. One of the families suggested we do a "model" Seder encompassing some of these old & new traditions with their children and have each family (or selected families--don't know how I'm going to do that yet) share their traditions.

I learned no one needed a "how to" course on the Seder. It's become more of "what's new" course that I only have to facilitate.



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